Sutton Pre School

Our Admissions Policy

We maintain close links with Sutton Infant School which is the principal receiver of our children, and our pre-school has the same holidays as Sutton Infant School. We are registered for 26 children per session. We take children from the age of 2 if we have spaces. Children are offered one free visit with their parents/carers prior to starting pre-school. There are no minimum or maximum sessions that a child has to attend. Once starting pre-school, if children are not settled, parents/carers are encouraged to stay with their child until their child is happy for them to leave.

Five 3 hour sessions will be offered to all four year olds as they are entitled to the extended free and flexible early learning and childcare entitlement. In addition, all three year olds are entitled to this funding the term after their third birthday and will be offered 5 sessions if available. Your child is entitled to 15 hours per week, which must be taken over at least 3 days per week. Parent/carers may choose for their child to receive the free entitlement from a maximum of 2 providers. The minimum number of hours available to claim per day is 2.5 and the maximum in our setting is 6.

Children who are eligible for 2 year old funding are welcome to attend our setting.  Funding is determined on specific criteria, details of which can be provided by any Children Centre. 

We welcome all children, irrespective of any learning difficulties and/or disabilities, together with their parents and if necessary our SENCO (special educational needs co-ordinator) Mrs Julie Sjoerdsma will become involved to ensure that we have adequate facilities, resources or help in place for every child.

A waiting list is in operation by order of birth unless there are too many children of the same age, then its by length of time on the waiting list.

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