Sutton Pre School

Fees and Payment Terms

Our fees for the Pre-School are £7.00 for each 3 hour session.

There is a registration fee of £2.00 when your child first starts pre-school.

Children in receipt of the extended free and flexible early learning and childcare entitlement have 15 free hours per week. Extra sessions are available at a cost of £7.00 per session.

Children have the opportunity to stay with their packed lunch at a cost of £1.50 each day.

We have 2 year old funding available based on families which have the qualifying circumstances.  

We will charge full price for the first child with a 50% reduction for any subsequent children attending Pre-school before they are in receipt of funding, providing they attend on the same days, for example, twins.

All fees are due half termly in advance with the option of paying weekly.

Fees are paid in all cases of days off. 

Notification Fee Changes

Please note that the fees for the Pre-school are set to increase as follows:

After Christmas 2016: increase to £7:50

After Easter 2017: increase to £8:00


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